Who We Are


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Founded in 1998, the CMD has become a major source for research, teaching and the public dissemination of knowledge regarding migration and development. The CMD sponsors a wide array of research, travel and conference programs aimed at linking scholars with interests in migration and development. We are also expanding  our scope with research on race and ethnicity, especially as it relates to migration and development. 
We develop this and other subject through research and publications and as part of our regular colloquium series which is open to Princeton faculty and students but also members of the community at large.
The Center's data archive and working papers series provides readily available resources based on recent research conducted at Princeton.

  • Provides a venue for regular scholarly dialogue about migration and development
  • Serves as a catalyst for collaborative research on these topics
  • Promotes connections with other Princeton University programs, as well as with other neighboring institutions where scholars are conducting research in these fields
  • Hosts workshops and lectures focusing on the many aspects of international migration and national development
  • Sponsors awards for international travel and research
  • Provides fellowship opportunities at Princeton for scholars with interests in these areas
  • Enhances course offerings during regular terms for interested graduate and undergraduate students
  • Maintains and makes available a data archive of unique studies on the field of migration