Multiracial Parents: Mixed Families, Generational Change, and the Future of Race

While there has been significant growth in studies of “multiracial,” or “mixed-race,” individuals, very few have investigated the experiences of the descendants of multiracial individuals—the so-called multi-generation multi-racials. As interracial unions and disparate types of multiracial people continue to increase in many societies, what effect does this have on our understanding of racial categories and boundaries? How do multiracial people think about race in relation to themselves and their children? Using in-depth interviews, this book investigates how and why multiracial people racially identify and raise their children in particular ways, as well as their attitudes toward the transmission of minority ancestries to their children. Delving into parents’ concerns about racism and the strategies they use to address it with their children, the book also explores their thoughts about their children’s futures in a society in which mixing and mixed-race people are increasingly part of the mainstream.