Exceptional Outcomes: Achievement in Education and Employment Among Children of Immigrants

How do children of immigrants achieve success despite daunting obstacles? Poverty, language barriers, parents' long work hours, and limited resources work against immigrant children's efforts to do well in school. Yet some of these students manage to beat the odds, graduate from universities, acquire advanced degrees, and achieve careers in the professional sector.

Exceptional Outcomes is a pioneering contribution to the understanding of the factors enabling impoverished children of immigrants to succeed in education and employment. The authors in this volume combine state of the art quantitative and ethnographic research conducted in various parts of the United States to create the most comprehensive portrayal of the ways in which immigrant families and their children overcome a multitude of challenges in their course to assimilation.

This fascinating volume of The ANNALS is a must-read for students, scholars, and policymakers concerned with the low representation of immigrant and minority students among college graduates. Although its focus is on the children of immigrants, the book is eminently relevant to the understanding of factors that increase the likelihood of success in education and employment among impoverished children in general.