Following the Flows: Transnational Approaches to Intangible Remittances

Fri, Sep 19, 2014, 9:30 am to Sat, Sep 20, 2014, 5:30 pm

Workshop on Economic, Political and Social Remittances

Conference Papers

 Number Title  Author(s)
15-01 Conference Papers Papers from the Following the Flows Conference: Transnational Approaches to Intangible Remittances. From Economic to Social Remittances: An International Overview, September 2014
14-01 Studying the Second Generation in Spain:  The ILSEG Project Methodology

Alejandro Portes, Princeton University, Rosa Aparicio, Ortega y Gasset University Institute of Madrid and William Haller, Clemson University.  Spanish Legacies: the Coming of Age of the Second Generation (forthcoming).

12-04 Conference Papers Papers from the Transnational Immigrant Organizations Conference, May 2012
12-03 The Eagle and the Dragon:  Immigrant Transnationalism and Development in Mexico and China Alejandro Portes, Princeton University and Min Zhou, University of California, Los Angeles

Tensions that Make a Difference:  Institutions, Interests, and the Immigrant Drive


Alejandro Portes, Princeton University
11-03 Conference Papers Papers from the Transnational Immigrant Organizations Conference, April 2011
11-02 Project Papers Papers from the New Second Generation in Spain (ILSEG)
11-01 Revealing Development in Migrant Regions: Contributions to the Debate about Migration and Development from Morocco and Mexico Isabel Marin Sanchez, University of Granada


Life on the Edge: Immigrants Confront the American Health System

Portes, Alejandro, Patricia Fernandez-Kelly and Donald Light.  2012. "ETHNIC AND RACIAL STUDIES 35 (January): 3-22.


America and its Immigrants: A Game of Mirrors  Lecture delivered at the meetings of the American Philosophical Society.  Philadelphia PA., April 23, 2010

Alejandro Portes, Princeton University
10-01 Conference Papers Papers from the Institutions and Development in Latin America Conference, April 2010
09-02 The New Mexican-Americans: International Retirement Migration and Development in an Expatriate Community in Mexico Thomas W. Methvin , Princeton University
09-01 Institutional Ambivalence and Permanently Failing Health Care: Access by Immigrants and the Categorically Unequal in the Nation and New Jersey Donald Light , University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
 08-02 Conference Papers Papers from the Institutions and Development in Latin America Conference , September 2008
 08-01 Presentations at the Thematic Panel on the Future of Work in Latin America. Meetings of the American Sociological Association, Boston, August 2008. Gary Gereffi, Duke University; Jose Itzigsohn, Brown University; Cesar Rodriguez, University of the Andes; Jose Luis Velasco, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
07-05 Bridging the Gap:  Transnational and Ethnic Organizations in the Political Incorporation of Immigrants in the United States

Portes, Alejandro, Cristina Escobar and Renelinda Arana. 2008. ETHNIC AND RACIAL STUDIES 31 (September): 1056-1090.

07-04 Divided or Convergent Loyalties?: The Political Incorporation Process of Latin American Immigrants in the United States

Portes, Alejandro, Cristina Escobar and Renelinda Arana. 2009. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE SOCIOLOGY 50 (2): 103-136.

07-03 No Margin for Error: Educational and Occupational Acheivement among Disadvantaged Children of Immigrants

Portes, Alejandro and Patricia Fernandez-Kelly. 2008. ANNALS OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 620 (November): 12-36.

 07-02 Toward an Economic Sociology of Compassionate Charity and Care Donald W. Light, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study
 07-01 Researching "Second Generation" in a Transitional, European, and Agricultural Context of Reception of Immigrants

Estrella Gualda , University of Huelva

06-10 Revisiting the Enclave Hypothesis:  Miami Twenty-Five Years Later Alejandro Portes and Steven Shafer, Princeton University
06-06 Globalizing Restricted and Segmented Markets:  Challenges to Theory and Values in Economic Sociology Donald W. Light, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study
06-05 The Global Assembly Line in the New Millenium Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Princeton University
05-07 Immigrant Transnational Organizations and Development:  A Comparative Study

Alejandro Portes, Cristina Escobar and Alexandria Walton Radford, Princeton University

Working Papers

Number Title Author(s)
15-01a Remittance Circuits  Viviana Zelizer, Princeton University
15-01b The Communicative Dimension of Migrant Remittances and its Political Implications Thomas Lacroix, Oxford University
15-01c The Geography of External Voting: The 2011 Tunisian Election Abroad Thibaut Jaulin, Sciences Po
15-01d Transnational Health Insurance Schemes: A New Avenue for Congolese Immigrants in Belgium to Care for Their Relatives' Health from Abroad? Jean-Michel Lafleur and Olivier Lizin, Université de Liège
1501e Female Genital Mutilation and Migration in Mali: Do Migrants Transfer Social Norms? Idrissa Diabata and Sandrine Mesplé-Somps, IRD
15-01f Beyond the Dichotomy: Money and the Transnational Family in India and Australia Supriya Singh, RMIT University
15-01g The Circulation of Monies and Ideas between Paris, Dakar, and New York: The Impact of Remittances on Corruption Ilka Vari-Lavoisier, Ecole Normale Supérieure
15-01h Legal Status, Territorial Confinement, and Transnational Activities of Senegalese Migrants in France, Italy, and Spain Erik R. Vickstrom
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