Of Enduring Interest

Children of Immigrants in New Places of Settlement

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences sponsored a two-day conference in Cambridge, MA, Children of Immigrants in New Places of Settlement from April 19-21, 2017.  The purpose of the event was to assess the state of knowledge about this general topic and identify the principal issues in need of future investigation as well as the policies required to address the most urgent needs of this population.


Health Care & Immigration

What is Ailing U.S.? Health Care and Immigration: Access and Barriers was designed to bring together top administrators, physicians, nurses, community activists, elected officials, and academics in a dialogue about key problems, solutions, and policy regarding health care provision to underserved populations, including immigrants. Ten of the finest health care providers in the South Florida, San Diego , and Greater Trenton areas were represented in the program. 

Immigration Policy, Deportations & National Security

The Immigration Policy, Deportations & National Security roundtable was meant to draw attention to timely and seldom addressed issues of the highest public interest. Immigration Policy, Deportations and National Security Homeland Security Department (DHS) officials, New Jersey Representative Rush Holt, directors and leaders of national and local immigration and civil rights groups, and academics discussed U.S. deportations and immigration policy.  Julia Preston, Pulitzer Prize winner and National Immigration Correspondent for The New York Times, presided.

Immigration & Reform

The Fast and Furious: New Developments in Immigration and Immigration Reform conference brought together national and international experts to update views on immigration and immigration reform; consider alternatives to the current paralysis in the political realm; and discuss the implications of state initiatives regarding immigration.

The Hero's Fight

In The Hero’s Fight: African Americans in West Baltimore and the Shadow of the StatePatricia Fernandez-Kelly provides new insights into such topics as globalization and its effects on industrial decline and employment, the changing meanings of masculinity and femininity among the poor, social and cultural capital in poor neighborhoods, and the unique roles played by religion and entrepreneurship in destitute communities.